Breast Cancer & Fashion

In this blog, I am speaking from experience, so trust me when I say I know exactly what you are going through and the roller coaster ride that is called “Cancer”.

In 2004, right after turning 40, I flunked my very first mammogram.  I was always a good student, but I hated pop quizzes.  But I will say that in reflecting back, I had a warning that something was wrong, and no I did not find the lump.  I was sitting in my office at work when a pain so intense felt like it was coming from my left nipple.  Now, I will be honest, breast cancer did not cross my mind.  I was thinking more in line with something wrong with my heart.  However, like the majority of us, I ignored it and moved on.

So a couple of months later, my husband had left for our place in Tennessee, I was putting together a craft cabinet.  It slipped in my hands and landed right on my left breast.  I drove up the next evening to Tennessee and I was taking my shirt off when I looked in the mirror and saw the deformity to my breast.  Again, I assumed it is was because a cabinet fell on it.  Actually it was God hitting me over the head to go get checked out.  That is when we discovered I had breast cancer. Perhaps the most devastating moment in my life.  I was only 40.  Then came the realization that cancer doesn’t care what age you are when it strikes. It just strikes.

I elected to do chemotherapy first before a mastectomy.  I wanted to know that the treatment was actually affecting the cancer cells and it was killing them.  As well as making me feel like something that cat drug home.

I also elected to work through treatments in order to maintain some semblance of order to my life and to not drown myself in self-pity.  I was not the first person to get this disease and unfortunately will not be the last.  Feeling sorry for myself was out of the question.  Life happens, make the best of every situation.

Of course, maintaining the cool outer persona is difficult when inside you don’t feel tiptop and you feel ugly.  One of my nurses told me I looked cute bald and should just slap on some lipstick and earrings and go about my business.  I was concerned about making others feel uncomfortable.  So I donned the wig and did my best in public.  At home, the wig came off (they are hot) and the most comfortable thing I could find went on.

But, hindsight being 2020, I realize that I should have only worried about me.  It would have made the journey a lot less stressful.  Plus, maybe others would realize the struggle and thank the Lord they were not walking in my shoes.

Since that time, I have discovered clothing that is beautiful, cheerful and simply comfortable.  In LuLaRoe clothing, you can help but to put these clothes on feel beautiful.  They are colorful, with unique designs that have a limited print runs.  So you are able to be you, make folks turn their head and say how great you look.  When you are confident in your appearance, it shows.  I so wish that this clothing line existed in 2004.  I would have been proud to hold my bald head up high (and a lot cooler without the wig) and let the world know that I am dealing with the situation and I will come out the winner on the other side.

Let me help you feel confident in your skin no matter your situation.  Visit my VIP group at LuLaRoe Lisa Stipancic VIP.  If you live in Georgia, Metro Atlanta Area, come to my shop and find the perfect style for you.

The New Norm – Customer No Service

Now that our world has become so exceedingly high-tech, customer service has completely and probably forever gone out the proverbial window. Knowledge that resides in the heads of the folks that essentially paved the way for the high tech, let the computer handle it world, has gone home.

You call the 1-800 line and what do you get?  A computer, of course.  And no matter how pleasant the voice is on the computer, you just want to speak to a live body.  None of the computer options really relate to what you need and you ask for a customer service representative.  But, the computer insists on knowing why you want to speak to a customer service representative in order to better serve you. I don’t know about you, but every time I have told the computer why I am calling and want a live person, I just explain it again if and when I get a live person.  So what was the point of asking me what my problem is? They really just want you to hang up.  When you hang up, which is generally out of frustration and you are trying your best not to throw your phone through the wall, the company erroneously believes it actually helped you.

Well, if you are like me, you are persistent in your pursuit of speaking with a live person and after however many elevator songs and provided you don’t get cut off, you get a person who reads a script.  If your problem is not on that script, you persevere on to the next flipping tier of customer support.  And while you waiting for script number 2, you are contemplating how calling any customer support is contributing to so many people having high blood pressure.

You finally get your problem to someone who can actually help you and the unfortunate thing is that by that time, your patience is frazzled and your temper is short.  I do feel sorry for the person that has to deal with that and I am sure this is part of the reason that it is a high turnover job, but the whole process should be reviewed.  Each person that picks up the call from a customer, should have the ability or be trained on how to service the customer and not read from a script. The various levels or tiers of customer support are ridiculous.  Every time you go up a tier you have to explain your problem all over again.   I know CRM software exists (I worked in software development field and CRM software development started more than 20 years ago) and I am pretty sure that if done right, all of your problems should be in the database and you (the customer) should not have to start the process all over again.

There is no customer service anymore.  Companies rely on computers to provide support so that they can have larger profits. People that work in customer support rely on what the computer tells and heaven forbid that issue the customer is having doesn’t pop-up on the screen, you (Mr./Ms. Customer) are totally screwed. Or, when you get to customer support, you cannot understand them.

Don’t get me wrong, I think computer technology is a wonderful TOOL. But, in pursuit of the almighty dollar, we have forgotten what it means to help one another and what customer loyalty can actually do for us as a company.  We have allowed computers to take over and become so dependent upon them that we have lost touch with what it means to be a human being and how to utilize the brains in our heads.


Let’s Get Started

As I get started with my new website to promote my business, I have decided to add a blog to my website.  This blog could be about almost anything that I feel the need to blog about for you readers.

We will talk about fashion and beauty and what it means and what it doesn’t mean. We will discuss how diseases can affect the way we see ourselves. We will talk about pets and the impact they have on our lives.

And most of all, I want to help you have fun and laugh.  Laughter is truly the best medicine.

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